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August 2018 – Victoria Selbach conducts a series of interviews with art world trailblazers, with Season 1, Episode 1 featuring ArtMuse’s own Natasha Schlesinger.

“Right out of the box, my first in-depth conversation told me this series was going to satisfy more than a few of my wildest dreams. I have been cultivating a fantasy of a new breed of art collectors. Imagine a mounting wave of women making a mark that will shift the collective voice of what is recorded for the art historical canon. I envision a broad international web of women encouraging a wave of transformational collecting, women making decisions on what they want to bring into their lives and reflecting the world they know. When I met Natasha Schlesinger the trail guide for this Amazonian tribe was given a heroic face. Natasha Schlesinger; vibrant, energetic, knowledgeable and motivated, forging conduits to cultivate, educate, connect and inspire a new wave of collectors.”

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ArtNet News

August 20, 2018 – Included in Artnet News’ editor’s picks was “The Ideal Feminine/The Feminine Ideal” at Winston Wachter, curated by Natasha Schlesinger.

The article describes the show as responding “to the #MeToo movement, which has birthed a new awareness around women’s bodies and their all-too-frequent abuse, leading to unprecedented consequences for the perpetrators of sexual abuse of women. Natasha Schlesinger has enlisted 12 artists—Jen Ray, Jessica Lichtenstein, Lala Abaddon, Marc Dennis, Margeaux Walter, Natasha Law, Sebastiaan Bremer, Sissi Farassat, Stephanie Hirsch, Todd Murphy, and Zoë Buckman—to consider the idea of a “feminine ideal” for this new wave of feminism, reexamining the female form for 2018.”

Extended to August 31, 2018, be sure to catch the show before it closes.

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July 2018 – With the rise of the global #MeToo movement, the discourse around the female body has achieved a newfound intensity and ubiquity. Curator, art historian, and art advisor Natasha Schlesinger, who is behind “The Ideal Feminine / The Feminine Ideal?,” a current exhibition at Winston Wächter Fine Art in Manhattan, sees it as her role and responsibility to tap that dialogue and bring it into her work.

“The whole conversation we’ve been having in the past year is about the way men look at the female body,” Schlesinger told Galerie in a recent interview. “Now, it’s my point of view to see how we can change it.”

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New York Times

May 2018 – Art fairs aren’t just for fancy dealers and art buyers — regular art lovers can enjoy them too, and they take place around the world. Natasha Schlesinger shares her advice with The New York Times.

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Travel + Leisure

December 2017 – Travel & Leisure has named ArtMuse’s New York City tour of artists’ studios as one of its seven distinctive private tours.

Customizable based on interest and geographical area, ArtMuse tours – not just in New York City – will be an eye opening experience.

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W Magazine

August 2017 - W Magazine listed ArtMuse's Discover Galleries app as one of its latest Obsessions in the August 2017 Print Issue.