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Madrid Tours



Museum Tours

  • The Prado Museum

    One of the world’s first art gallery in the world

  • Reina Sofía Museum

    Featuring Picasso’s masterpiece, Gernika

  • The Thyssen

    Bornemitsa Museum, holding the private collection from the Baronies.

Walking Tours

  • Walking Tour 1: Real Palace, Opera plaza, and, if of-interest, the Debod temple (from ancient Egypt)

  • Walking Tour 2: Plaza Mayor, Cava Baja and Cava Alta, just the main center

There are many more places to explore, but the above are suggestions for first-time visitors. And of course, with all the tours, we can suggest lunch spots for a “tapas tour”, featuring the gastronomy cultural heritage of Madrid.

Outside of Madrid

Additionally, we can also customize tours in locations outside, but near, Madrid:

  • The Escorial Monastery

  • Aranjuez

  • La granja de San Ildenfonso

  • And by speed train, Toledo Imperial city in the XVc, the perfect mix between three cultures (Catholic, Jewish and Muslim) and the Greco city.


Meet the ArtMuse Madrid Team

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Julia Betancor

Julia Betancor has a Ph.D. and D.E.A. in Fine Arts conservation and restoration from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of conservation and restoration management and directing. Julia has a high level of technical knowledge and excellent understanding of the different aspects of painting conservation. Additionally, Betancor has worked as a fine arts expert in assessments and appraisals, an inspector of legal appraisals for insurance companies, and a court expert in art. Julia previously worked as a Senior Curator of Paintings at Hamish Dewar Ltd.