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  • Tower of London

    ArtMuse London is offering a bespoke tour of the Tower of London, taking in the breath-taking Crown Jewels and admiring the largest diamond in the world. Looking back at over 1000 years of history, the Royals, and the people who visited and some who never left. It complements our Royal Tour at the National Portrait Gallery.

  • Tate Britain & Tate Modern

    The Tate Britain houses the UK’s collection of British art from 1500 to the present day.  See how European movements both artistic and historical had an effect on our art and history.  We will be taking a journey through time as we wall through the gallery space.  Looking at Pre Raphaelites through to Hockney’s “Big Splash”. The Tate Modern could be seen as the Industrial Cathedral now housing Twentieth and Twenty First Century art, complementing St Paul’s Cathedral on the other side of the river.  Both these two centuries have seen more things change and change more quickly than in any previous time and these changes are reflected in art.  Join us on a journey that will expose and access us to art in a whole new way.  Engaging with pieces from different media, times and artist. *Kids & Family Tour Available

  • The National Gallery

    The National Gallery was established in Trafalgar Square for its central location and opened in 1838 with 38 pictures from the banker John Julius Angerstein, including Raphael and Titian.  Over the years the Gallery grew in stature with bequests ranging from Turner, Ingres and Van Dyck masterpieces, through to a magnificent Impressionist collection.  National Gallery Highlights gives an opportunity to explore some of the key works in the collection. Join us on a journey through its extraordinary corridors of the arts. We can also provide exclusive themed tours with the Gallery, such as Perspective, Myths and Legends, and Development of Portraits and Self-Portraits. *Kids & Family Tour Available

  • National Portrait Gallery

    Here we begin our tour in the Northern Renaissance with Jan Van Eyck in the Salisbury Wing, taking in Titian and Rembrandt to name a few, we will be at the development of portraiture, self, sitter and artist. In this tour we will also take a look into the world of the British Royal Family, starting with the Tudors, Henry VII and leading onto his son Henry VIII, with his many wives, to the modern day Windsor family. We will study how contemporary portraiture depicts our Monarchy and throughout we will take in the changing role of the Royal Family and address how the artist and the sitter have responded to changing society, ending on the much talked about Duchess of Cambridge.

  • The British Museum

    The journey that begins in the early part of the Greek Bronze Age with the Caryatids figures, working our way through history to Greek Vases and Democracy. From there we move on to the Parthenon Marbles in detail, incorporating both the political and art history, along with tales about Athena and her claims over Athens.  For Ancient Athenians, the Acropolis was the centre of the Universe and the Parthenon was the key structure that housed the most magnificent treasures of the Ancient World. Many of these treasures, now found in the British Museum, demonstrate sculptural skills and dedication to Gods & Goddesses. This tour focuses on the splendour of Ancient Greece and the Acropolis through the eyes of the deities of the time: Athina, Neptune, Zeus, Aphrodite, and many others. We will conclude our journey full circle by studying the Rosetta Stone. Next… Who were the Egyptians and what did they look like? Why is King Tut the most famous Pharoah even though his reign was not the most influential? The British Museum houses one of the most magnificent collections of Mummies and possessions from this incredible period. Take a close look at this ancient culture, their fascination with the Afterlife, and the Great Pyramids.

  • The Courtauld

    One of the finest small collections of art in the world, The Courtauld is an extraordinary collection of great art from early Renaissance Art to Impressionists masterpieces. Housed within Somerset House and part of The Courtauld Institute, a place devoted to International study of history of art, teaching, restoration and research of the art of the past.  Come discover the treasures from Florentine artist, Botticelli to Impressionist painters, Cezanne and Manet.

  • The Wallace Collection

    This tour will take a look at one of the finest small collections of art in the world.  It forms an extraordinary collection of great art from the Early Renaissance to Impressionist masterpieces.  The Courtauld’s Collection is part of the Courtauld Institute, an International place for the study of art history, it’s teaching, research and restoring.  Join us to explore this wonderful collection which is now located in the beautiful setting of Somerset House.

  • The Saatchi Gallery

    Known for over twenty years for its exhibitions of contemporary art, the Saatchi Gallery provides a platform for largely unseen young artists and international artists whose work has rarely or maybe never exhibited in the UK.


Meet the ArtMuse London Team


PipPa Hartley

Pippa Hartley is an art consultant, creating and leading enlightening museum and gallery tours for people of all ages. In addition to private and group tours for adults, Hartley has designed a variety of inspiring workshops for children’s schools on topics such as Perspective in sculpture, landscape and portraiture. Her cutting-edge corporate events on modern art have helped motivate various business groups think outside the box. Hartley has a keen interest in the spiritual motive and historical background behind art. Other interests include psychoanalysis and art, the development of Christian art, all the way through to contemporary artists. She has organized tours at the National Gallery, Tate Modern, Institute Contemporary Art, Foundling Museum and Kenwood House, to name a few.

Most recently, Hartley worked on a project for the British Museum on the history of the 4th Plinth and the role of public art. Hartley earned a degree in the History of Art, and has continued to build her knowledge ever since with numerous courses and lectures on a range of topics at important art institutions around the capital, such as Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Birbeck University, National Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, and the Freud Museum. She brings a rich and varied experience to her role as art consultant and educator. Her work in the corporate world of IT consulting honed her interpersonal and presentation skills. Hartley has also been active in the art expo scene in London and internationally. She has supported galleries as well as various established and emerging artists. In particular, she has collaborated with the sculptural artist Peter Weigl, and helped successfully launch the Blue Tomato contemporary art gallery.

Born and bred in London, Hartley is deeply involved in her local community. She serves on the board of Toynbee Hall / The Dame Henrietta Barnet Charity Fund, where she is responsible for the allocation of charitable grants, as well as overseeing art and entertainment events.

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Jolanda Chandler

Jolanda Chandler studied art history and has trained in specialized techniques independently since 2004. Her areas of focus included etching (Musée du Petit Palais, Paris), painting (Ecole des Arts d’Ixelles, Brussels), life-drawing (Amicaldar, Paris), along with varied courses at the Louvre. While based in Paris, she was represented by Charlie Smith London (2010-2012), a lighthouse contemporary art gallery. Since 2010, she has worked as an independent consultant, representing galleries at art fairs. She moved to London in 2012, where she is working on the UK’s largest art fair for emerging contemporary artists, The Future Can Wait, fundraising and assisting the curators. Jolanda holds an MBA from Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, and a B.A. (Hons) in International Relations, Geneva.