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Corporate Clients & Collections


Corporate Clients & Collections


ArtMuse is an art consultancy firm that develops art collections for corporate clients in various industries, including banking, professional services, hospitality, and healthcare. Headed by Natasha Schlesinger, we work closely with stakeholders to advise on artworks that meet the needs of your budget, interior spaces, corporate identity and existing collection.

Artmuse provides clients with curatorship that encompasses all genres of art, selecting pieces that meet the corporate vision and business philosophy of our corporate clients. To work within your budget, we will work with artists, galleries, dealers and auction houses domestically and internationally, cultivating a collection that makes an impact.

Our Approach and ServiceS

  • We will meet with the committee, interior designer, project manager or staff responsible to understand the project vision and meet your corporate goals.

  • No project is too big or too small.

  • We will present our recommendations and then negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your budget is met.

  • We research provenance and ensure that we provide you with all relevant records including appraisals and certificates of authenticity.

  • Working with your staff, we will ensure delivery and installation of all artworks, along with ongoing conservation and maintenance.