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Art Consulting & Collaborations

ArtMuse offers art consulting and advisory services to individuals, companies and organizations looking to purchase a single work or to establish a more in-depth collection. ArtMuse will advise on purchases through artists, independent art dealers, galleries, art fairs, private studio visits, and auctions for:

Natasha Schlesinger’s extensive experience working in the art world – galleries, auction houses and now independently – has allowed her to advise clients on specific purchases that suit their budget, taste and knowledge of art. Having begun her career in the Old Master paintings field, Schlesinger’s knowledge extends from pre-20th century to contemporary art. Schlesinger works closely with emerging artists as well as dealers who support new careers.

ArtMuse will help clients establish their selection based on their interests and tastes. Our deep research capabilities provide information on artists, prices, their career standing and relevance in the art world. We will assist clients in placing the art, framing, shipping, installation and conservation advice.

Artists we have worked with and placed with clients include:

Misha Kahn at Friedman Banda

Discussion with Marylyn Dintenfass at Garrison Arts Center

  • Annabel Daou
  • Diana al Haddid
  • Glenn Ligon
  • Jessica Lichtenstein
  • Jim Campbell
  • Jonny Detiger
  • Jose Parla
  • KAWS
  • Lois Cecccini
  • Mel Bochner
  • Nari Ward
  • Nicky Broeckhuysen
  • Nir Hod
  • Peter Gerakaris
  • Philip Taafe
  • Rachel Hovnanian
  • Robert Polidori
  • Ryan McGinness
  • Sebastiaan Bremer
  • Shirin Neshat
  • Sissi Ferassat
  • Zaria Forman